Dominion Academy

Dominion Academy of Dayton is a college preparatory school providing a classical education based on the Bible, reason, and Tradition. It was founded in 1998 by Fr. Wayne and Sandy McNamara.

They chose to name the school "Dominion Academy" out of the conviction that God has given Christians the humbling role of "kings and priests" of all of Creation. Christians are to exercise a loving, faithful, and wise stewardship over all things for the glory of our Lord. In order to exercise this sobering trust with fidelity, Christians must learn about the true shape of the world — a world existing in Christ, according to the order of the Trinitarian community.

Christians must learn well in order to love well. Dominion Academy exists in order to educate young Christians about the shape of the world in Christ and to encourage these students to properly love creation, understanding that all ultimate meaning is found in Christ alone.